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  • 21. Februar 2011

    Pleasant memories of London – 12 c

    Klasse 12 c in London

    Lukas wore a pink hat in the city. One day he even had to wear sunglasses…

    Mrs Müller took “lots of“ photos in St.Paul’s Cathedral!

    Johanna was very sweet, because she wanted to go to Coffee and Beans all the time. She has a good heart – she even donated for the „Poppy Appeal“.

    Paul is always friendly and a funny boy, he was the funniest person at Hannover Airport and the best table soccer player!

    It was nice to chat with Teresa about horses and riding at the Natural History Museum.

    Teresa – it was a nice time with you– I enjoyed the week with you!

    David was an amazing poolplayer in the hostel bar. You could always find him in the smoking area.

    Friendly Kim was even nice when she gave an advice.

    She talked excitedly about her adventures with London buses.

    Torge thought he was retarded, because he was not able to see a Hot Dog Vendor that did not exist.

    It was a super week with Torge – I’m looking forward to opening our own Coffee and Beans!

    Martin bought a chocolate snack at the airport while everybody was in a hurry and waiting for him. He is very funny with his dry humour!

    Happy Neele was smiling all the time.

    Julia was always in a good mood.

    Josefine stayed in London’s nightlife with David, Lukas, Mia and Kim until five o’clock in the morning.

    You could chat with Saskia for a long time.

    Lara really liked platform 9¾ at Kings Cross.

    Constantin found his personal T-Shirt in Oxford Street: “**** Google – ask me!“

    Mrs Blaschy was cheerful when we walked into the Souvenir Shop.

    She organized everything with a never-ending patience.

    Maik was so happy about the cherry coke and chocolate cookies!

    Luise never ate breakfast, but she came down in the morning to tell us she is save and sound.

    We all were sorry, because Anne had to stay in Hildesheim with her children!

    Berit was thrilled about the “World Food Cafe“.

    Mia loved the Beatles T-Shirt.

    Kirsten was Shopping – Queen with Lara.

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